Original art by Christina Savino

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Landscape Paintings


Our individual presence in a place is defined by how we feel about that place and our own reactions and experiences, and that can be so personal and so internal. Sharing it can be difficult but important. I look for the patterns and colors that inform the landscapes I visit. I weave those patterns together with mood when I paint to create the story of that moment in that place.

I had good art teachers. They showed me how to use light, color and shapes in deliberate ways, and how to create emotion in and connection to my work.

I grew up in Connecticut, where the diverse landscapes texture life. I now live in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, between the Merrimack river and the man-made canals and mill buildings. History is all around me with a narrative of the way we've shaped the landscape to our needs.

Digital Art

Digital Art

Digital art doesn't feel immediate like traditional art. I can use that lack of immediacy to my advantage, to zoom, tweak, and experiment with line, color and texture. It took me a while to get used to drawing on a computer, and even longer to discover all the ways I could do so, but now I love it just as much as I love my paint and brushes.

Mostly I use Manga Studio and Photoshop for my digital art, but I'd also recommend ArtRage for a more traditional feel.

Tarot Collection

Tarot cards

Tarot has a long history from games to divination. When we read the cards we find meaning in the images. When we create our own cards, we have the opportunity to enhance and alter those meanings, so each deck is unique.

I try to mix imagery that is traditional or common to the cards with my own interpretations. It is a project that has fewer limits than I expected it to. As such an open and personal project, I can sketch and mull over each card until I get it just right.

You can veiw my deck so far Here.

Night Shift Comics

Lakeside Painting

I've loved books and storytelling my whole life, and my education at Columbus College of Art & Design only deepened that passon. I spent my time there learning more ways to do that while learning techniques and skills that make me a better artist.

Visual storytelling has always been a part of human communication and comics are an extension of that. My fiance Jared and I create comics based on the fantasy and nerd culture that has influenced us both. Generally he writes and colors, and I pencil and ink, but we work in a true collaboration that involves passing the stories and art back and forth and having long discussions on how to make them better.

Before we formed Night Shift Comics, I experimented with the form in a short comic called Rain, then made a fantasy story called Seized. Jared has an on-going slice-of-life web comic called Kickass McAwesome.

New & Eventful

Lakeside Painting

I painted a series of magnets in January. Check them all our on Instagram!